The Sheen Center Presents:

Jesuits and Jedi: Science and Spirituality in the Age of Star Wars

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loreto Theater

Blast off for an evening with “The Pope’s astronomer” and popular author, Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., an American Jesuit and Director of the Vatican’s observatory (co-author of Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?), as he takes us on a tour through the cosmos and some of his favorite (and not-so-favorite) science fiction stories and movies, exploring the spiritual themes they contain. Joining him for this conversation about faith, science and imagination is Dr. Charles Camosy of Fordham University. This is sure to be an out of this world event!

Tickets: $15 ($10 students)

Left, Jedi. Right, Jesuits.

Books discussed at the event:

Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?: . . . and Other Questions from the Astronomers' In-box at the Vatican Observatory

The Complete Book of the New Sun: (The Shadow of the Torturer, The Claw of the Conciliator, The Sword of the Lictor, The Citadel of the Autarch, The Urth of the New Sun)

A Canticle for Leibowitz

A Case of Conscience

Among Others (Hugo Award Winner - Best Novel)

Out of the Silent Planet (Space Trilogy (Paperback))

Perelandra (Space Trilogy, Book 2)

That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy, Book 3)