Workshop: Harmony Singing from A-Z with members of Bobtown

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Studio C

If you're someone who doesn't understand harmony, or you struggle to maintain harmony notes while singing with a melody, or even if you're a pro who'd like to brainstorm ideas about different variations on harmony, there's something in this workshop for you. The members of Bobtown have been arranging five-part vocals over the course of seven years and three albums.Their vocal arrangements have been called "gorgeous," "ethereal" and "unconventional." Bobtown members have also arranged vocals for regional well-known acts such as Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes, Spuyten Duyvil, and others. In addition, they've been lauded for their fan-requested arrangements, everything from putting music to spoken word pieces and poetry to folked-up covers of heavy metal songs. They're equally at home with traditional stacked harmonies
and quirky interpretive arrangements.
For a sampling of Bobtown's harmony and vocal stylings, please visit: here.

In Studio C  from 2pm-4pm

Tickets: $35

With their distinctive original songs and vocal arrangements, NYC-based Bobtown is recognized as taking an unconventional and refreshing approach to the tradition of folk and Americana. WFUV's John Platt chose the quintet as one of his top three music discoveries of 2013, and Americana UK perhaps summed up the band best when they said, "If you're looking for acoustic, Gothic-folk-Americana kissed with gorgeous harmonies then look no further." Bobtown has since released three successful albums: BobtownA History of Ghosts, and Trouble I Wrought.