Where Your Treasure Is

November 10–30, 2016

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

Exhibition Opening Thursday, November 10 at 5:30pm

Richard Hearns invites viewers to look at ordinary objects through a new lens of discovery and imagination with his exhibit Where Your Treasure Is.

To be excited by the truthfulness of something in a painting or something unexpectedly presented in a visual conundrum has always been of interest to Hearns.

In respect to his art, Richard believes there is an incredible quality to the language of a painting – a credible quality to the core of the work.

In recent years his immediate surrounding and the material things he has encountered have become an even greater catalyst or spring board in his creating a visual story or narrative. Many of the objects represented in the gallery were pieces he observed in his own home in Ireland.


Richard Hearns was born in Beirut and raised in Dublin. His paintings document a search for an idyll. Driven by a deep spiritual sensibility, his experiences and connections with separate locations and cultures are combined to form a triangular history.

Meditative layers are applied in a physical expression of form, drawn from the discipline of martial arts and the rhythmic nature of rural life. Behind the search for paradise through paint lie all the tender realities of life.

Richard Hearns’ energy and enthusiasm define him as a person and fuel his insatiable pursuit of painting. His artwork will continue to evolve as life, art and experience shape his world.

Regarded as one of Ireland’s most promising young artists Richard Hearns will take up residency at The Sheen Center this coming October 1st, with an exhibition opening on Thursday November 10th. No stranger to New York, Richard Hearns, has been exhibiting in the city for five years. He plans to use his time at the center to create a body of work and develop a special project.

In 2010 Cardinal Dolan came to Ireland and visited Richard Hearns at his studio in the Burren, County Clare. This was the beginning of a close friendship with Richard and his wife Boo.

Cardinal Dolan attended Holy Infant School, Ballwin, Missouri where Richard’s godmother was a teacher and later Principal. As a young seminarian Cardinal Dolan traveled to Ireland on holiday making contact with Richard’s family and thus began a lifelong friendship.