A Corona Works Presents:

Thorns of the Crown

Tickets: $35

September 9–10, 2016

Black Box Theater

"Thorns of the Crown" is a new contemporary dance theater project choreographed and staged by Ramon Oller, inspired by the most powerful and influential of Shakespeare's tragedies. Through humor and dramatic peaks Oller will tell the never-ending struggle between power, sacrifice and fatalities with an innovative approach.

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From the Artistic Director

I started “A Corona Works” in New York City to create and develop new multi-disciplinary projects. My goal is to make artistic works that integrate dance, music, theater, video and film arts, for presentation in the United States and around the world. My passion is to create art collaborating with high-level professional artists from different performing art disciplines. I have assembled remarkable and unique artists and I invite you to take a closer look at the work we are making, and to check back often on this website, for updates and news of projects, tours, and special events.

- Alessandra Corona

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