Prospect Theater Company Presents:

Death For Five Voices

Music and lyrics by Peter Mills
Book by Mills and Director Cara Reichel

Thursday, March 24, 2016–Sunday, April 17, 2016

Black Box Theater

Weep, sad Naples, clothed in mourning, for the dark fate of beauty and of virtue. ~ Torquato Tasso

Death for Five Voices is based on a historic event:  On October 16, 1590 Prince Carlo Gesualdo entrapped and brutally murdered his wife, Maria D’Avalos, and her lover, Fabrizio Carafa, at the Gesualdo home, the Palazzo San Severo in Naples.  At the time, the murders were widely known and documented, but nothing was done to apprehend Carlo who, as an Italian nobleman, and having caught the lovers in flagrante delicto, was within his rights.

This new musical drama explores the complex artistic personage of Carlo Gesualdo, a groundbreaking composer of the late Renaissance, and investigates how his creative internal life and subsequent compositions may have been related to his brutal external actions.  Peter Mills' sophisticated original score, which incorporates musical themes from Gesualdo's compositions, blends period musical style with contemporary theater storytelling to create a compelling portrait of a troubled artist, living at a moment in history when complex political and religious forces collided and changed our perceptions of the possibility of art.

 A cast of seven actor-singers and a chamber ensemble of four musicians bring to life this gripping drama and psychologically thrilling tale of the voices that lived within Carlo Gesualdo.

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Tickets: $65, $50

Death for Five Voices  was developed with the support of a Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship and at the Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.