The Sheen Center and Salt + Light Present:

Covering Pope Francis: An Insider’s Conversation With Noted Media Personalities with Fr. Thomas Rosica

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Loreto Theater

For a Church that claims to have made great strides in the area of electronic technology, media, social media and communications strategies, in March 2013, Pope Francis’s election was announced to the world through smoke signals! Now nearly four years after his meteoric rise on the world stage, and millions upon millions of followers later on all the social media platforms, this Argentine Pope has catapulted the ancient communications culture of the Vatican and many parts of the Church, into the modern digital age. The brilliant success of Pope Francis’ accessibility is prompting some serious soul-searching about what is an appropriate media persona for a successor of Peter? Why is “covering” the Pope such a coveted and sought-after prize?

Join Fr. Thomas Rosica and a panel of distinguish television journalists as they discuss Pope Francis and his impact on the American mainstream media.



Tickets: $15