The Sheen Center and America Media present:

Civility in ’17: Part 1 – Media

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Loreto Theater

Please note that this event has been postponed until Fall 2017. Date TBA.


A 3-Part Series Toward a More Perfect Union

Part 1 -The Media

This three-part series, beginning this spring and continuing in the fall, features thought leaders on opposite sides of an issue discussing how their own side needs to focus more on civility in discourse and suggesting ways to build bridges with "the opposition." The first event in the series, "The Media," will feature reporters from left- and right-leaning newspapers sharing their own perspectives on how journalists can work together to unite our country under its motto: E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One.

CIVILITY IN '17 is a co-production with America Media. Each panel will be moderated by America's Editor-in-Chief, Matt Malone, SJ.

Coming in the fall:

Part 2 - Politics:  The Great Divide

Part 3 - Religion

Tickets: Free, RSVP Required