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A Peering


Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Tom Ridgely

Sheen Center Film Club

How The Nuns of New York Tamed The Gangs of New York

Directed by George Heslin
Produced by Turlough McConnell

Ciao Bella

Written by Karen Abercrombie
Directed by Zadia Ife


Death Comes for the War Poets

Written by Joseph Pearce
Directed by Peter Dobbins
Produced by Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.

Corpus Mysticum: reEncountering the Church

Byrne and Kelly

Arch Ballet


Pope vs. Hitler

Through the Dark (Darkly)

Thorns of the Crown

Tickets: $35

Is Anybody Listening?

Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Sing with the People’s Choir!

The Justice Film Festival

Saints of New York

Norah Jones

College Talent Tour, NYU 2016

One Flea Spare

by Naomi Wallace
Directed by Caitlin McLeod

Queen of the Mist

Stepping Into Silence

Years of Living Dangerously

Italy on Screen Today

Hacksaw Ridge

Don Giovanni

Where Your Treasure Is

An Evening with Ricky Jay

Bishop Robert Barron

Fulton Sheen Memorial

Good King Wenceslas

GOREY: The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey

Written and Directed by Travis Russ

Eileen Ivers’s Joyful Christmas

Christmas Revelations

Black Wall Street: A Case for Reparations

Special Screening: The Vessel

Parker Quartet

Dan Mills

Mirror Visions Ensemble


Written By William Shakespeare

Directed By Lynnea Benson


Book by Lynnea Benson
Music & Lyrics by Ted Zurkowski

Directed by Lynnea Benson

Snow White & The Seven Little Guys

Book by Lynnea Benson
Music & Lyrics by Ted Zurkowski

Directed by Lynnea Benson


Our Last Stand

9 Circles

Written by Bill Cain
Directed by Kent Nicholson


Migrations – DOEprojekts

Kenny Werner and Wadada Leo Smith

Michael Cerveris and His Accomplices

Luft Gangster

Written by Lowell Byers
Directed by Austin Pendleton

Vivos Voco – Marymount School

Best of Opera

George Winston

The Sheen Center Book Club

Dramatic Reading of Lord Byron’s “Manfred”

Written by Lord Byron

An Evening with John Lithgow


Unstoppable: The Musical

Golden Cockerel

Broadway Inspirational Voices


Hansel and Gretel

La Bohème

A Year in the Life of a Puddle

Artist: Laura Belsey

“Easter Mysteries” Film and Panel Discussion

John O'Boyle

Writer / Composer

Daniel Goldstein 


R. Erin Craig / LaVie Productions 


Ron Simons / SimonSays Entertainment


Risen – Exclusive Red Carpet Screening with Joseph Fiennes


Joseph Fiennes
Tom Felton
Cliff Curtis
Peter Firth

Welcome to My Party: Kate Baldwin and Friends Sing Michael John LaChiusa

Kate Baldwin with Allison Blackwell, Alex Gemignani and Katie Thompson
Music Direction and Arrangements by Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Directed by Erin Ortman

Manhattan Measure

Artist: Gene Schmidt
Photographs by Alicia Hansen
Film by Johnny Gerhart and Philip Armand

L’Elisir d’Amore

Music by Gaetano Donizetti
Libretto by Felice Romani


Music by Gaetano Donizetti
Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano

The Girl Who Stayed: Kate Baldwin & Friends Sing the Songs of Will Van Dyke

Kate Baldwin with Matt Doyle, Jessica Vosk and Will Van Dyke and The Whiskey 5

Directed by Jeff Talbott

The Architectural League: Emerging Voices

Death For Five Voices

Music and lyrics by Peter Mills
Book by Mills and Director Cara Reichel

The Armor of Light

The Shamrock and the Madonna:

Encontros (Im)possiveis

The Anarchist by David Mamet

Directed by Marja-Lewis Ryan


Rebecca Pidgeon
Heidi Sulzman

This Time

Written by Sevan K. Greene
Directed by Kareem Fahmy

Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare


The Terrace Where the Moon Holds Court: Debussy’s “Préludes for Piano, Books 1&2”

Anthony De Mare - Curator
Erin Ortman - Director

Universal Robots

Written by Mac Rodgers
Directed by Jordana Williams

A Tribute to Frank McCourt

Screening of “Tender Mercies”

Bleecker Street Laughs

People Doing Math Live!

Collective Memories by Janet & Peter Williams

Die Jim Crow: Art from U.$ Prisons

Conjoining Islands

Leah H. Frankel
Jeffrey Cortland Jones
Benjamin Lee Sperry
Julia Stoddard

Play Reading Series

Uncommon Sense

By Anushka Paris-Carter
and Andy Paris
Directed by Andy Paris