The Gallery at the Sheen Center


The Gallery at the Sheen Center is a space that promotes the best examples of works of art that “please when seen.” This is not a quality of “prettiness,” but relates to the nature of what art is: a work of man that is made and which has the mark of man as a rational, spiritual creature who has a disposition for the Beautiful.

Art has its own ends with rules and properties which are determined by the logic from within the piece, coming together in a rational way to produce something that orients itself to what is truly beautiful. It is the mission of the Sheen Center, a project of the Archdiocese of New York, to propose to the world artwork featuring these characteristics so as to ultimately awaken in us, the viewers, our own humanity and to proclaim again, as Fulton Sheen did, that “life is worth living.”  

The space is curated in 4-6 week cycles and we work with artists from around the world as well as artists within our geographic community. 

The Gallery particularly seeks to feature the work of emerging Catholic artists, however we also exhibit the work of artists whose outlook reflects the mission of the Center.

If you have any questions regarding the gallery contact:

Fr. Frank Sabatté, CSP
Senior Curator